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Dr. Brandon Cali, BSc(Kin), DC

Dr. Cali holds an Honours Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology from the University of Waterloo, and his Doctor of Chiropractic from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College, graduating with Magna Cum Laude Honours and Clinic Honours. He was the recipient of the 2005 Chiropractic Auxiliary Award in his graduating class. He is a member in good standing of the College of Chiropractic Sports Sciences Canada, the British Columbia Chiropractic Association and the BC College of Chiropractors.

Dr. Cali's Post-Graduate and Specialty certification:

  • Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Certified Level 3 Medical Practitioner

  • Clinical Neurodynamics Solutions - Upper and Lower Extremity Certifications.

  • ELDOA for Golfers through TPI.

  • Certified Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist

  • Full-Body Certification Active Release Techniques (ART)

  • Contemporary Medical Acupuncture from McMaster University

  • Certified Provider of Graston Technique instrument-assisted soft tissue therapy

  • Certified Level C and Advanced Skills in Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS)

  • Certified DNS Exercise Trainer

  • Full-body Certified provider of Functional Range Release Therapy

  • RockTape Fascial Movement Taping Certified

Dr. Cali is currently one of the Team Chiropractors for Rowing Canada Aviron and travels with the National team to International competitions worldwide. Locally, Dr. Cali is affiliated with Canadian Sport Institute Pacific, Sportsmed BC and with the national training centre for Rowing Canada. He recently has been working with Lambrick baseball academy and sees several ball players from junior to elite prospects and pro players.
Dr. Cali has a passion for golf and has over 30 years of experience playing and studying the sport’s biomechanics. His most recent studies have taken him down to California to learn from Dr. Greg Rose at the Titleist Performance Institute where he put together the past 8 years of TPI training to examine both the body and the golf swing and relate how each individual’s body may affect his/her swing.
In his almost two decades of practice, Dr. Cali continues to see patients with pain from acute injuries to supportive and wellness care of degenerative conditions but has a special interest and knowledge base in sports and athletic injuries. He brings a diverse background in sports including junior-level hockey, baseball, golf, competitive volleyball and basketball, and as an athletic trainer/therapist and Kinesiologist.


Dr. Cali's professional experiences include:

  • On-site Therapy - PGA Tour of Canada Royal Beach Open 2023.

  • Team Chiropractor - Rowing Canada - 2017 World Cup III - Lucerne, Switzerland

  • Team Chiropractor - Rowing Canada - 2015 World Rowing Championships, Aiguebelette, France

  • Team Chiropractor - Rowing Canada - 2014 World Rowing Championships, Amsterdam Netherlands

  • Team Chiropractor - Rowing Canada - 2013 World Rowing Championships, South Korea

  • Team Chiropractor - Rowing Canada - 2013 High-Performance Camp - Sacramento, CA

  • Team Chiropractor - Rowing Canada - 2012 Pre-Olympic Camp, St. Moritz, Switzerland

  • Team Chiropractor - Rowing Canada - 2012 Lucerne World Cup Camp, Erba Italy

  • Team Chiropractor - Rowing Canada - 2012High Performance Camp - Sacramento, CA

  • Team Chiropractor - Rowing Canada - 2011 World Cup III - Lucerne, Switzerland

  • Team Chiropractor - Rowing Canada - 2011High Performance Camp - Sacramento, CA

  • Team Chiropractor - Rowing Canada - 2010 World Cup I - Bled, Slovenia

  • Team Chiropractor - Rowing Canada - 2010High Performance Camp, San Diego, California

  • Onsite therapy and education - Numerous Island Series Running Events - 2006-2012.

  • A.R.T. Healthcare Team - Lake Placid Ironman

  • Healthcare Provider -Adventure Racing Series Toronto

  • Onsite Therapy Team -Toronto Beach Volleyball Series

  • Rehab Specialist/Kinesiologist - Back to Function (ON)

  • Team Therapist and Trainer- UW Track and Field and Soccer Teams

  • Ergonomist - General Motors and Honeywell Inc.

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