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Jeff Laing, BSc, Registered Kinesiologist

Being able to assist those dealing with the nuances of life is not only a benefit of being a Kinesiologist but is of the utmost importance to Jeff.

Whether it is an injury, disability, disease, or some of life’s other difficulties, he would like to help assist you in getting your body feeling better while increasing your functional competency and capacity. Nothing feels better than being able to spread positivity to others and watch them succeed.

Jeff has been a Registered Kinesiologist since 2019 and initially became a Registered Personal Trainer in 2012. Since then, Jeff has broadened his skillset through continuing education and continues to take a medical approach to his practice, ensuring the safety and progression of his clients.

Jeff utilizes a mixture of fundamental movement-based exercises, strength training, posturing, stretching, balancing, mindfulness and breathing to ensure the success of his clients. Whether you are an athlete, weekend warrior, or someone who is just looking to improve their overall well-being, Jeff would love to work alongside you!​


Jeff’s postgraduate and specialty education include: ​​


  • Bachelor of Sport and Fitness Leadership

  • Diploma in Exercise and Wellness

  • Registered Kinesiologist

  • Registered Personal Trainer

  • Kettlebell Science - Somatic Senses

  • DNS Strength Training - DNS Rehab Canada

  • DNS Scolisois - DNS Rehab Canada

  • ELDOA Level 1&2 - Somatic Senses

  • DNS Exercise I & II - Somatic Senses

  • Olympic Lifting Techniques with Andrew Heming

  • Outdoor Council of Canada Field Leader in Hiking

  • Standard First Aid & CPR Level-C with AED

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