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Smile Stretch

Small Group Training 

Movement Foundations 

This program teaches you how to find optimal core stability and integrate it into progressively challenging postures and movement patterns. As you re-pattern your movement while integrating your newfound core stability, the appropriate load is added to build strength in order to cement your new foundation. With a strong and robust foundation, you will be more resilient in all other physical activities - gym/running/yoga etc. For some, this means finally moving without pain, improved quality of life, and increased life span. For others, it could mean reducing the frequency and risk of injury and improving performance. 

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Kinesiology w_ Client Total Body Health

Strong Seniors 

Strong Senior is a 6-week intensive program designed to get seniors (60+) STRONGER. This program progresses participants from simple core stability exercises to loaded deadlifts, squats, lunges, carries and more. The gradual progression in load, intensity and exercise complexity makes this class accessible for everyone, regardless of their fitness or previous strength training experience. 


Frequency: 2x 60min in-person, 1x 60min home workout per week. 


Instructor: Drake Wilson, BSc Kin. 

Total Body Health GYM Space

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