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Dr. Cali ART Shoulder


Maxwell Lieve ART TFL

Our Chiropractors take a functional and biomechanical approach to assess, diagnose, and manage neuromusculoskeletal conditions, ranging from back, and neck pain and headache, to repetitive strain disorders from work, and acute and overuse injuries from sports training and competition. 


Modern Chiropractors are not just back specialists anymore. Using various hands-on soft tissue and manual techniques, in combination with appropriate patient education and exercises, Chiropractors restore the natural function of the body to allow it to heal properly, recover from injury, and improve overall health and performance. As modern Chiropractors, our team combines the art and philosophy of Chiropractic practice with the latest scientific literature in Chiropractic and Sports Medicine to provide a well-rounded and evidence-based approach to correcting neuromusculoskeletal conditions.

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